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Summer is here, and now is the perfect time to enjoy a state park! Medoc Mountain State Park is a beautiful hardwood escape from everyday life. Keep in mind that the park is open year-round, but the hours change with the seasons. It is not open on Christmas day.


Enjoy the beauty of nature along the miles of trails, both natural and paved, through the park. They range in difficulty from easy to strenuous. As you choose your path for the day, consider who is hiking with you.

Hiking is not the only way to enjoy the beautiful park. Visitors may also choose to bring a mountain bike and indulge in a beautiful ride. There are 9 miles of trails for you to explore on your bike.

As you plan your day at the park, don’t forget to bring your horse. Explore the area along the creek on your horse and enjoy 10 miles of trails together. You can access the parking lot for these trails off Medoc Mountain Road. Owners must provide a negative Coggins test to enjoy the park.


The warmer weather is the perfect time to enjoy the water sports offered in the park. Grab your fishing gear and relax along the bank of the creek. The waters in the park are a beautiful place to teach young family members the sport. There is a variety of fish in the creek including largemouth bass and bluegills for you to catch. Don’t forget to bring a cooler to enjoy your catch at home. Pack your camera to capture the memories you make together while fishing.

Fishing is not the only water sport available to park visitors. You can also enjoy a canoe trip through serene natural beauty. It takes approximately two hours to enjoy the entire stream. Bring a waterproof camera to capture the park from a different angle.


Don’t leave the park to grab your next meal. As you plan for your trip, remember to pack a picnic. There are a total of 30 picnic tables throughout the park to relax and eat. If you need a little more space or want some cover while you eat, check out the shelter. It comes equipped with a grill, fireplace, and drinking fountains. The shelter is free to use unless you reserve it.


Your trip to Medoc Mountain State Park does not need to last a day. If you plan to camp at the park, don’t forget to reserve it at least a day before you arrive.

There are seven campsites for equine visitors and their humans to enjoy. These are primitive sites, and a maximum of six people can stay at each site. One is disability accessible so that everyone can enjoy camping.

Families may also reserve one of the eight campsites with electricity. There are also over 20 family sites without electricity. A total of six people can enjoy these sites, and disability access is available at two of the family sites. Groups are also welcome to camp in the park. The largest occupancy for the group sites is 35, and there are a total of four group sites for visitors.

With camping, fishing, and hiking, Medoc Mountain State Park has everything you need for a great summer day.