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Roads and highways tend to become more congested during the summer months due to vacationers taking road trips and teen drivers traveling back and forth to summer jobs. There also tend to be an increase in bicycles and motorcycles on the road during the warmer months. Summer is a popular season for road construction to take place, as well. Any one of these can be a significant driving hazard, but combined, they can make summertime a season for greatly increase risk of accidents or problems on the road. Follow these driving tips to help you stay safe this summer.


Summer’s extreme heat can cause your tires to wear at a faster rate, weakening their structural integrity and making them more prone to blowouts when traveling on hot pavement. Routinely check your tires for bulges or cracks. Make sure they are inflated to the manufacturer’s specifications and check the tread depth. While you’re at it, make sure your spare tire is in good shape and that your jack and lug wrench are at the ready, just in case.


It should go without saying, but especially when roads are busiest, avoid any distractions when behind the wheel. This can mean anything from not eating or drinking while driving to turning off your cell phone until you’ve reached your destination. When traveling with children, make sure they are properly restrained and, if necessary, entertained so that they can pass the time without causing disruptions while you are focused on the road. When traveling with luggage, make sure it is secured and that it does not obstruct your view of the road.


Extreme heat and unpredictable weather conditions in summer can create unforeseen emergency situations. No matter what distance you’re traveling, it’s best to be prepared for anything that might happen. Be sure to carry a roadside assistance kit along with you, as well as a basic first aid kit, a spare phone charger, and a flashlight with extra batteries. Keep a supply of fresh bottled water and extra food and snacks.


Flip-flops might be popular summertime footwear, but they are not considered safe for driving. They may too easily slide off your feet or get caught up on the pedals of your car. When driving, wear slip-ons or tennis shoes, and save the sandals for when you reach your destination. Also, invest in a pair of sunglasses to increase visibility when driving in the bright summer sun. Polarized lenses offer the best protection from the sun’s harmful rays and offer the best visibility, so consider investing in a pair of these.

With so many places to go and people to see in the summertime, it’s inevitable that you will spend some time on the road. By following a few commonsense safety practices, you can decrease your chances of encountering any major problems on the road while increasing the probability of having fun in the sun once you get where you’re going.

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